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Join the #1 founder co-working club to stay motivated, get helpful feedback and ship your side project faster with ambitious bootstrappers like you. Now with both IRL & remote events.

30 day money back guarantee.
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Bootstrapping is hard. It's even harder on your own.

  • Get matched with awesome founders 🀝

    Our active Slack community of 60+ full and part-time founders is purpose built to help you meet bootstrappers like you. Sign-up and get matched with founders at a similar stage for regular masterminds.

  • Remote/IRL co-working sessions πŸš€

    We run member-led co-working sessions every Saturday (EMEA & USA time) plus 3x during the week - to help you stay accountable and get more done. Remote and now IRL!

  • Get expert help ❀️️

    Membership comes with access to a vetted marketing, finance and user research advisor. Post in our dedicated Slack channels, or join their monthly office hours sessions.

Our members love Weekend Club.

We're sure you will to. Full wall of love here .

  • Wilhelm Klopp
    Wilhelm Klopp
    Founder, Simple Poll

    "Charlie has nourished a fantastic environment, and does an incredible job at providing inspiration, accountability, and encouragement all day every day β€οΈπŸš€"

  • Frame 60
    Philip Baretto
    Founder, Tiiny Host

    "The accountability, advice and deeper bonds I get from my Weekend Club mastermind have been pivotal to me reaching $2k MRR for Tiiny Host."

  • Rhoda Esquivel
    Rhoda Esquivel
    Founder, Woolfie

    "Weekend Club is such an amazing, supportive, tight-knit community of like-minded Indie Hackers. The community has helped so much in keeping me motivated to pursue my dreams, and they will help you too."

  • Sarwech Shar
    Sarwech Shar
    Founder, Nocodelytics

    "The truly great thing about Weekend Club is there are founders working on different kinds of businesses at various stages. I'm learning from them all. There is a caliber of founders here that is completely unmatched. And I'm humbled to be part of this amazing club."

  • Christina Pashialis
    Christina Pashialis
    Founder, ContentUK

    "Charlie and the rest of the community have been SO supportive since Day 1. It's wonderful connecting with other early-stage founders who are going through similar challenges."

  • Stefan Manku
    Stefan Manku
    Founder, Talk To Stefan & Callworthy

    "Building a business or side project is tough - but being part of Weekend Club makes it so much easier. I can credit Weekend Club with helping me get numerous projects and ideas off the ground. Charlie goes to extraordinary lengths to support and elevate those around him."

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar
    Founder, Steal My Marketing podcast

    "When I came from India to the UK 13 months back, little did I know I'd find a family in the little corner of the internet, in the middle of a pandemic. Charlie and others have welcomed me into their projects and dreams and I'm grateful for all the help I've received from them."

  • Connor Hicks
    Connor Hicks
    Founder, Suborbital

    "Weekend Club is so welcoming and such good motivation! I’ve made big progress during our Saturday work sessions, it’s a really good accountability community."

  • Freddie Odukomaiya
    Folajimi Odukomaiya
    Founder, Data Jedi

    "Weekend Club has been a game changer for me. When I see the great work and progress everyone is making, I'm inspired into action! It's also a very supportive community with people willing to give very detailed feedback on whatever issue you face."

What's included with Weekend Club?

  • 1

    Active and supportive Slack community 🀝

    Stay up to date with your fellow founders of companies like like VEED, Commsor & Simple Poll, get feedback and celebrate each others wins. 

    Whether you're launching something new, having trouble with an existing project, or just want to chat and have fun, the Weekend Club community has your back.

  • 2

    Weekend + Weekday co-working sessions (times in GMT) πŸ”₯

    Weekdays: 1 hr co-working sessions Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays at either 10am or 3pm. Plus workshops, office hours and more.

    Weekends: 3.5 hour co-working sessions every Saturday, starting at either 10am or 5pm GMT. 

    Full calendar here .

  • 3

    Masterminds with similar stage founders ✌️

    Get matched with 2 other similar stage founders for regular, private accountability and feedback calls. Build your network, get feedback and get more done.

    Weekend Club Masteminds
  • 4

    IRL (in-person) events

    Our IRL events have returned. Work on Saturdays with other founders 10am-5.30pm. Build your network, get stuff done and have fun. Currently at The Halley, Haggerston, London.

    The Halley, London
  • 5

    Access $500k worth of discounts

    Access our Notion board with top resources and 100+ discounts on products like Stripe, AWS, Airtable, Amplitude, Hotjar, Hubspot, Indeed, Miro, Retool, Slack, Sendgrid, Embarque, Work Club, Mentorcruise, Mixpanel, Chargebee, Notion, Memberstack, Savvycal, Segment, Sentry, Unicorn, Typeform, Zendesk, Wordpress, Stripe Atlas and much more. Worth up to $500k.

    Weekend Perks
  • 6

    Get expert help πŸ€“

    Besides feedback from other members, your subscription comes with access to a vetted marketing, finance and user research advisor. Post in our dedicated Slack channels, or join their monthly office hours sessions. 

    Weekend Club mentorship


Subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarnatee.

Pay As You Go

For occasional builders.

Remote Only

For remote builders.


For IRL + remote builders. London, UK only (for now).
IRL (in-person) events
βœ“ 1 per purchase
βœ— Not included
βœ“ 1 per month
Slack access
βœ“ 7 days
βœ“ Unlimited
βœ“ Unlimited
βœ— Not included
βœ“ Get matched with 2-3 founders at a similar stage.
βœ“ Get matched with 2-3 founders at a similar stage.
Remote events (weekends)
βœ— Not included
βœ“ 3.5 hour weekly Saturday co-working sessions
βœ“ 3.5 hour weekly Saturday co-working sessions
Remote events (weekdays)
βœ— Not included
βœ“ Office hours, co-working, workshops and more.
βœ“ Office hours, co-working, workshops and more.
In-house mentors
βœ— Not included
βœ“ Chat with our in-house marketing, user research and financial mentors.
βœ“ Chat with our in-house marketing, user research and financial mentors.
Software discounts
βœ— Not included
βœ“ $500k+ worth of deals. Stripe, AWS, Slack & 100+ more.
βœ“ $500k+ worth of deals. Stripe, AWS, Slack & 100+ more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.

  • How often do I need to attend?

    As much or as little as you like - we're choose your own adventure. Most members tend to attend a couple of sessions per week to get the most out of it, and ensure they show up for their masterminds.

  • What kind of projects are suitable for Weekend Club?

    Broadly speaking, internet businesses. This mostly means software or content in the form of SaaS, web apps, native apps, eCommerce, podcasts, newsletters, productized services and more. We are open minded though, so if you're unsure, definitely still sign-up.

  • How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

    Just let us know within 30 days if Weekend Club isn't for you, and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

  • Where are the in-person sessions?

    Currently at a beautiful space called The Halley in Haggerston, London, UK. We have plans to open in other spaces and countries. Get in touch if you want to setup IRL sessions near you - we pay hosts to run them.

See what our members are building:

SaaS, apps, productized services, communities, podcasts, newsletters and much more.

30 day money back guarantee.