A remote community for building profitable internet businesses

"I look forward to Weekend Club every time! It's incredibly motivating, inspiring, and productive to work on my product alongside other like minded Indie Hackers, and Weekend Club provides the space for it to happen. Proud to be a member of this community." - Wilhelm Klopp (Founder, Simple Poll)


How it works

Weekend Club is a private, remote community for Indie Hackers, Makers & Entrepreneurs to help each other build profitable internet businesses.


🛠 2x Saturday remote (video conference + Slack) co-working sessions per month with up to 20 other Indie Hackers. Work on your own projects and help others with theirs.

⏰ Schedule:

10am - session begins
11am - team stand-up on what we're working on
1.30pm - lunch w/ a conversation topic
5.30pm - demo your work

💌 Members-only Slack: get detailed feedback on your work, help others and learn what resources/tools other Weekenders are using.

🤫Exclusive Weekend Club merch and (soon) exclusive content.

All for just £39 £29 per month


Our community

Our vision is for there to be far more bootstrapped entrepreneurs worldwide. Community is how we get there.

Three of the biggest barriers to entrepreneurship are self-discipline, knowledge and emotional support, all of which we can help with.

We're a diverse group of Indie Hackers, Makers & entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds. This ranges from software development to UX, graphic design, product management, research, marketing and more.

Everyone's united by a desire to build profitable internet businesses, and support each other getting there.

Recent Weekend Club member projects:

🤔 Simple Decisions: Never let another decision get lost in Slack.
🧻️ Got Paper: Calculate how much toilet paper you need during quarantine.
🦆 Calenduck: Direct Calendly integration for Slack.

"Genuinely incredible day at Weekend Club. Went with barely an idea, and left with a fully functioning website/potential business idea." - Sheree Lim (Product Manager, Tray.io)